May 10, 2013

To Androids With Love

Remember that story about me, Instagram and my not-so-smart phone? Now there's a chapter II, it's about me, Instagram and finally owning a smart phone. Just don't get me wrong, it wasn't my intention to brag, I just wanted to share a story about my journey from the abacus to the smart phone, as it is an amusing one.

10 or 11 years ago in high school we had a subject where we were supposed to learn about computers and some programming but the thing is that we weren't actually allowed to have them in one and only classroom in school that actually had computers in it until we were seniors. Those were different times in small and poor country, this was a precious school property and also only a few of us kids even had computers at home. I wasn't one of those kids and having a computer to me was pretty close to having a flying rug.

So, when we were finally so privileged to get in that famous classroom, the teacher would say: 'Turn on the computers.' I would turn to a less technologically challenged desk mate and ask her: 'Which one first, the screen or the box?' she would answer: 'It doesn't really matter!' in just a slightly frustrated tone. And then the teacher: 'Now double click on the TURBO PASCAL icon on the desktop...' My finger would soar above the mouse until the teacher asked: 'Anyone need help?' at which time my hand would fly high: 'I do!!!' This was a choreography that went on once a week for the whole of my senior year. The irony was that I actually learned some programming despite not being able to turn on a computer by myself. Several years later when I finally got my first PC I would blush to the point of self combustion at the thought of these memories.

And while I wanted a computer for as long as I can remember, I desperately hated mobile phones. I resisted having one for a long time and only got my first one after threatened with force and after my whole family and all friends had one and became very eager to be in touch with me at every single second of my life. As for me I was satisfied with using boyfriends phone in need and a friends phone to find boyfriend. This friend had a little yellow Siemens phone and figured out a way to send text messages without charge because when we interrupted sending before the little envelope fell into the mail box the message would be sent for free.

Then one birthday my sister (on the first picture) got a new phone, and my mother had a phone, and my dad had a phone, and the annoying neighbour had a phone, so there was an extra device in the household and a phoneless person to be converted and I had no choice, though I did give my best to constantly forget it at home or anywhere possible and pretended not to hear it. I was not happy with being available, I hated grammatically incorrect text messages, calls at any, literally, any time of the day because of the fact that a phone line is no longer shared by a family and you had a privilege to reach a person at any moment even if they were ahem... in the toilet. Hated it!

But when they started making camera phones I finally had a change of heart. While being available to everyone at any moment of my life wasn't on my priority list, being able to take pictures with a camera that weighs less than 2 kilos at any moment of my life, actually was. Yes, I'm that old, in this country at that time even little point and shoot cameras were not for everyone's price range.

So, when I finally got a little Sony Ericson with 3.2 mpx and Carl Zeiss lenses my love for phones and technology finally evolved. And was that a great phone with a great camera and it wasn't even new when I got it, which brings me to another point - until this day I never owned a completely new phone, you know, one that was bought for me at a store, full price or a little discount. All of my phones were previously owned*. The first one was sister's. The second one was my boyfriend's sister's. The third one was bought for an 11-year-old girl who wanted a pink phone, so her dad sold me hers and bought her a pink one. The forth one was pink** that accidentally got into a hands of a 17-year-old dude who sold it quickly as possible to avoid ruining his rep in da hood. And this last one I bought from a friend who got a new one and the price was also friendly. It's less than a year old, it's HTC, android (I don't care for apples) and I love it!

I'm addicted to Instagram, I'm look up an app for anything I think of, from Kaleidoscopes to animal sounds (don't ask), and my year in pictures will have 672 pictures instead of 365 and my favourite part was choosing a case for it (first picture, second row).
And now since I've went over every imaginable limit with this post I'll leave you alone, but there will be part II about sharing, blogging, googleing , Instagraming, trending and stuff so check in later.


* Suppose it's good for the nature at least.
** I hated the pink phone, had it for 3 years and tried everything to break it or lose it but it had 9 lives and somehow I ended up feeling guilty for I felt like it loved me O.o


  1. Lol, brilliant. I remember the same computer classes from growing up in East Germany :)

    1. oh, you understand then!
      i wasn't sure if anyone outside of our little balkan tribes would get this :)