June 9, 2015

Leopards Love Boyfriend Jeans


Jeans - This my interpretation of the boyfriend jeans trend. It's been years since I bought jeans that are not skinny and dark wash or black, but then I got a trend itch and my boyfriend doesn't even wear jeans so I was on my own. So I go to a second hand store, choose the largest pair of jeans in the lightest wash and buy them. Turns out they are too big, so I take them in. Try them on again, turns out I look too much like Avrile Lavigne, what now... Add a leopard print silk blouse, turns out it's not so bad...

Blouse - I've recently decided I was old enough to properly wear a leopard print (I believe you need to be, long story). So once again I'm in a second hand store and I spot a good looking leopard print. As a real shopping predator I spot, I grab, I try on, determine it looks very good, determine the label says 100% silk (wow!), and price tag says less than 3 (wow, wow)! The ladies who work in SHSs here always have the need to tell me how good my choice is so this time is no exception. The lady is admiring my purchase - It's so pretty and the fabric, beautiful, like silk! - I point out that it actually is silk and her eyes almost pop out and I think she wants to add a figure to that price tag, sorry too late. My silk leopard has a date with my boyfriend jeans.

Bag - And then one day I decide I don't need to carry everything I own with me every day. See, I like big bags, and I always add one more thing just in case I might once need it, and then I walk around slanted to the right. Solution, logical, buy a smaller bag, woman! So I turn to the World Wide Web for inspiration once again. WWW gives me almost a perfect candidate, with less than perfect price tag (but whatever I'll invest in quality dur dur). In the store I realize that quality is out of the window in this case, the bag looks cheap and is made of plastic. Very frustrated I get in the first no name shop on the way, buy a small decent looking bag at the third of the price, and we live happily together for the next few years.

And that is in short my very trendy life.