April 30, 2014

Rings and Things

What have I been up to lately... hm:

1. Small things - you know how when a season drags out and you just want it to be over you go into survival mode; no complaining, no crying, not even depression, just pure robot mode; at the time I forget I'm human, I wear the same things over and over again, I don't even open the closet, first chair around is the closet for the week; I also forget I own jewelry, don't wear earrings, don't care about rings; then comes spring and waking up I rediscover the collection.

2. Then some much bigger things, like trying to be a better teacher. That's what I do for quite some time now and sometimes still feel like a beginner. Lately I tend to lose my self into hours of texts and videos on teaching, curriculum, classroom management, discipline, and then the next lesson seems easier and the next one is hard again. It goes up and down, but most times it's fun.

3. And more bigger things, like me... Like me getting into a dress for a friend's wedding. Like a miscalculated too early purchase of the dress and then miscalculated amount of food during Easter weekend. Like endless browsing for a new dress that can storage a lot of boob (I also feel for the people with the opposite problem, which again makes me wonder is there such a thing like a normal sized boobs or is this some kind of conspiracy...). Also endless wondering why girls on Zara site have such weirdly photoshopped legs. Just look at the section with skirts or dresses. Does someone have a fetish for disfigured legs there?

4. And some random things like walks and walks when the weather is nice. Killing some more plants (I'm down to one at the moment). Reading. Stalking some cats and taking pictures of them on Instagram. And also blog procrastinating.

And what have you been up to lately?