December 6, 2013

One Ring to...

I'm a ring girl, I used to be earring girl, and I'm rarely a bangle/bracelet girl.

I stopped being an earring girl after I dyed my hair red and finally figured out how to best keep it in it's natural unruly state. I realized that all that happening on my head was enough and because of that all the big and little hoops and all the other intricate heavy weights went to rest. As far as earrings go I'm mostly a minimalist now. I have one piercing on the left ear and two on the right and I like combining tiny studs in all sizes and shapes. Just a little shine through the hair that's it.

I wear a thin silver bangle with a flower on the right arm for the last 11 year. I'll show it to you one day. It was the first birthday present from my boyfriend and it leaves my arm only if it's absolutely necessary (which is now because one of the petals on the flower broke of and it's being fixed).

As for the rings that's where the minimalism stops. I remember my first obsession with rings when i was about 12 or 13. My best friend at school had beautiful hands. When puberty struck I felt her hands were moving like a ballerina's hands, they were so narrow and elegant. I started school earlier and was a year younger than everyone and my puberty was nowhere in sight. My hands were still baby hands and my ring collection consisted of the annual fair finds and Kinder surprise surprises, plastic, many flowers and rainbow colours. And my friend always wore two silver rings that her grandpa brought her when he travelled to Austria.

And then one day my aunt gave me a tiny white gold band and my mum gave me one of her silver ones. And then my hands started being all ballerina like and I started buying rings for my self. No gold or silver, but always big and there were many of them, I had a whole year to make up. My friend and I coordinated our collections and daily wears and before PE classes we'd took off all our rings and put them on the wrist watch band and leave them in the changing room.

That's how I lost my aunt's ring. Someone just took my watch with all the rings on it. I'm still sad for that one today, my aunt is gone.
Up there on the picture is the majority of my grown up ring collection. I'm a ring girl. Sometimes I just wear one, one of the big ones or one of the small ones. And sometimes I want them all. Only one is silver, no gold, and two are made of wood. Others were cheap and made of whatever, but I had them for a while, I chose them carefully and I like them.

And all this intro is because I plan to occasionally show you the ring situation on my hands, staring next week.


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  1. I used to be an earring girl too. but ever since I cut my hair short at the beginning of this year I stopped wearing them. I went cold turkey and am only wearing silver studs. I love me some big chunky but simple rings and bangles tho. but it's always the same. when I fall in love with something I usually stick with it... can't wait to see your collection.