December 17, 2013

A Ring

So, about those rings again. This is the one worn most often last week. I didn't even manage to cheat and take a picture of it on my left hand because it wasn't easy doing it with the left hand. Left hand index finger shows off a fresh scar, a token of a hard worker me, so the tripod had to be drawn.

And the wrist warmers are the stars of the season. I make a pair for myself, my mum gets them, make a pair for myself, sister gets them, make them for myself and hide them. Now, everyone wants a pair and I gladly oblige, cousins, friends, boyfriends, just name it!

And for the ring, I got a wonderful compliment from the gentleman who sold it to me. Didn't look like a kind of  man who'd have an opinion on rings, more like a kind of man whose wife left him to keep the store for a while. Anyway, he kindly and in great detail pointed out the superiority of my choice over the rest of the lot, and I was left impressed.



  1. ha, can I have some wrist warmers too :) beautiful ring xoxo

  2. I'm saving you a pair, don't worry! :)