April 16, 2012

April 5, 2012


There are about 1000 reasons why I adore spring. Actually, it's a stupid question, why,  but I have such a great answer that I'll answer it anyway.

Reason no. 1:

Last year I was looking for the pussy willow branches like crazy and couldn't find them (actually I spent a weekend in this search). This year I saw an old lady selling them on the street and asked my lovely boyfriend to buy them for me as I was already late for work. He bought three bunches as he befriended the old lady and got a discount. He arranged them around my room which made a great surprise when I came back.

Reason no. 2:

I missed them on the streets for months while they were wisely avoiding winter, but now they are everywhere.

Reason no. 3:

The light in our apartment.

And I forgot the best of all, reason no. 4:

My birthday was last week.