February 25, 2013

I had this little suit once

It was probably in 1989 or 1990 that I was trying on this little kiwi green suit with pink polka dot pattern, a blazer and shorts, in a great big department store somewhere in Sarajevo. If there was a time traveler (Doctor? Doctor Who?) present at that moment, he would say - This kid is gonna wish for a style blog in the future. I put it on and came out of the changing room, as I stood between two giant mirrors (those things get significantly smaller as you grow up, sadly), my suit multiplied by billions. For the next year or so it came out on special occasions, birthdays, school shows, special visits.

When we left the city in hurry in 1992, with two small bags of clothes for two little girls and one big girl, the suit wasn't included. And I missed it for years and years. My little green suit with pink polka dot, a yellow pig and a cupboard full of board games, I missed them all for years and years. And I thought of my suit on special occasions, birthdays, new school shows, high school graduation, university graduation, first day of work.

Because you know fashions come back, so it would come back, too, eventually. But when I think of it that blazer might be too boxy for me now and make my boobs look much bigger, which is highly unnecessary these days. And the shorts might be too short. And those colours, kiwi green and pink, not so good with red hair, except maybe on Easter, right?... Right? Yeah, it's time to let go, though it would be nice if I had at least one picture of it...