August 21, 2014

Donna Tartt - The Goldfinch

Despite the fact that almost every blog, portal or magazine I read mentioned this book at least ten times for the past year, I managed to not find out one thing about plot or characters, I was a blank slate for reading it, a tabula rasa. The only information I had was provided by my Kindle - I had 43 hours and 10 minutes of reading till the end. The book is amazing and I won't tell anything else, no previews. Every few hundred pages you can go wow! and I'll hear you.

August 19, 2014

Lament for Summer

So, we said some things to this Summer and there might have been some expletives involved. We called it crazy, bipolar, it made us feel cheated, let down, we told it to leave and never come back. But the Summer doesn't care, it's stays distinctly unsummery. At least it's consistent...

I even said THANK YOU at one point. There was no vacation time for me this year, no beach, and I still hear my inconsolable bathing suit sadly sobbing whenever I go near the closet. So, thank you, Summer, for being distinctly unsummery - it was easier to survive the city.

Though when August finally managed to smuggle some sun in, I finally manged to wear a few skirts. Ok, Summer, we'll survive this year, but the next... better not make us wait...

Shirt - 100% linen, bought in a second hand store a few years ago, cheap, intended for less glamorous purposes. Quickly became a summer favourite despite the long sleeves. And yes, it's always this wrinkled, and yes it still looks new, it's the most pleasant shirt to wear and also the favourite one

Skirt - also bought in a second hand store a few years ago, cheap, intended for less glamorous purposes. It was mostly stuck in the back of the closet, got out on a few less than glamorous opportunities (mostly of babysitting nature). Then it suddenly got rediscovered and rebirthed after it mysteriously ended up in the vacation suitcase two years ago. It conquered Greece and kept ruling summers since then.

Sandals - called The Saviors. Last year the hurt-foot-a-month-of-bed-rest-buy-normal-footwear debacle happened... Yeah, I don't want to talk about it. So, I finally had to buy better (also more expensive) shoes and that's how the era of BQS (Buy Quality Shoes) started and BATS (Buy All That's Shiny) era ended.

Bag - a product of the aforementioned, month long, bed rest, there was time to kill, let me tell you.

Sunglasses - I already bored you with that story.

Rings - from H&M, loved and adored! But you can find similar, well, everywhere.