July 3, 2014

Sunglasses and the City Hat

Fine! I admit it, when I bought the hat it wasn't officially summer but when I bought the sunglasses… well, that’s another story…

It was the end of May when my old sunglasses broke. It wasn't officially summer but it was 35°C in shade and the summer was obviously telling us this was how we’d play until September. So I was left without my favourite sunglasses and a few other pairs I had at home weren't gonna cut it. Blame it on the age, (im)maturity, whatever, but I needed the same (or extremely similar) pair. Since I bought them from a random street stall chances to find the same pair were close to none so the extremely similar pair it was. And thus the Big Sunglasses Search of 2014 began. It had to be this particular size, but they were all too small. It had to be this particular colour, but suddenly everyone made them pink. I needed them to have metal temples but suddenly everything was plastic. And not to forget I wanted all the UVA, UVB, ATM, USB, and the rest of the alphabet protections.

Long story short I found them, the extremely similar pair (of much better quality I must add). As I was standing in a checkout line, my heart still hurt for the old pair (my wallet also hurt a little for the price tag) and I was still wondering if the super glue was the better solution (it wasn't). It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was happily testing the new extremely similar pair of better quality sunglasses on my way home, happy for the promising warm and sunny weekend. It started raining the next day… indefinitely…

So, tell me - this can't be only happening to me: if I buy a pair of sandals the great flood ensues; if I buy a pair of boots suddenly spring arrives right in the middle of December. If you say it does only happen to me you are all lying!


Ok, I’m coming back after a few deep breaths with the story about the hat. This is a new type of hat discovered by moi, for toi (or it can stay just for moi and you do as you like it).

For example if this was a telemarketing commercial it would go something like this:

-Are you sick and tired of walking around town with that parasol of a wide rimmed hat on your head?
-Are you sick and tired of being late because you and your too wide rim of a wide rimmed hat couldn’t fit into a bus?
-Are you also sick and tired of lugging that same parasol/hat after the Sun goes down and you’d like to walk around on a pleasant evening for a little longer?

(I know there is more than one sane answer to this dilemma. Lady, buy a baseball hat or just stop lugging that monstrosity around etc. But for the sake of this tiny, barely sane thought experiment bare with me, don’t change the channel.)

We present to you The City Hat. It’s rim is significantly smaller than your standard boho wide rim so it won’t poke your fellow bus passengers in the eye. If you stop to look at a shop window at least three more ladies will be able to stand next to you and at least one more man will still be able to walk around you all. And when the Sun goes down you don't have to go home, just put your City Hat in your bag and you can continue your summer walk carefree and luggage free.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my wide rimmed monstrosities and I own both the winter and summer version, but last summer on vacation in Greece I got tired of dragging a giant hat with me so the idea of the city hat was born. I spent half the vacation searching for the smaller hat that I could easily stuff into my bag and guess what - it proved to be impossible to find even in beach town stores full of hats of all shapes but apparently not all sizes. 

I found this one in April and it’s almost perfect and I don’t have to wear a baseball hat so it’s perfect enough. I can walk around on extremely sunny days of summer doing my business, get on a bus, stuff the hat in a bag and not get my hair all sweaty or occupy three seats with my hat. It is a little bulky but fits most of my tote bags and considering the elusiveness of a pretty and functional city hat and the hard life of us telemarketing visionaries discovering such things I’m satisfied... The End


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