March 25, 2014

The One With Spring

Dear Australia, I really like you and I can't wait to meet you. Sorry for the Spring though, it's our turn now, we deserved it, seriously. Your winters are never really that mean anyway so be patient for a few months.

Dear 3 2 remaining plants still living in strategically chosen positions in my apartment, I'm sorry for constantly killing your brothers and sisters. I know I'm already on parole, but it was plantslaughter, completely unintentional, I swear! I admit killing the cactus and the succulent(s) (and have no idea how that keeps happening), but the Dracaena and the thing with purple leaves are still alive and well. I believe that the third one, the Painted Nettle, went to visit his relatives last week and never called, that case has nothing to do with me...

Dear book, I hope I'm going to start liking you, because everyone says you're great. Maybe it's the translation, maybe it's me, but we didn't have a great start. Anyway the plants gave me a second chance so I'll give one to you.

Dear 30th birthday, I'm ready for you, no drama, promise. I just ask you for a nice day so I can go to the zoo*, and also those shoes I'm waiting for, you know. Ok, maybe some wisdom, remember? The one I was so sure I get when I turn 30 - if you still have some extra I'm here. I can wait some time but I decided I can call myself a woman, not a girl, when I'm 30 and I don't want to embarrass myself early on... so, you know.
*You get free entry to Belgrade Zoo for two on your birthday. I use it every year, except last year it was freaking snowing at the end of March, but it seems that this year Australia already took care of cold seasons.


March 21, 2014

A Pinteresting Thing

Remember how we used to keep 'inspirational' folders on our hard drives (not so) long time ago. So many gigabytes cluttered with pictures of cats, shoes, outfits, tropical islands, or perfect kitchens. So many times did I hit save as, save as, save as... What happened with those pictures I mostly have no idea. I know that once I bought the shoes that looked just like the ones from the folder Shoes, except they were blue, and I felt like meeting a celebrity from the picture.

And also once I made an album on Facebook titled My Imagined Life, in which I combined perfect outfits, homes, kitchens, a small tropical island, Mini Cooper, all uploaded directly from my hard drive. In this album I claimed I'd get married three times: first husband prince Harry, for the crown jewels, of course; the second, Jamie Oliver, because he's cute and because cooking, people; and the third, Ewan McGregor because Arrrgh! And all the while I'd keep my boyfriend as a lover, because I adore him. Yeah, that's not public any more...

Any way, that was then, and now we have Pinterest. No more cluttered gigabytes (although, ironically, hard drives are bigger than ever). And I dedicate hours to Pinterest and all guilt free. It's a place where my desires live. It's cats, books, and wardrobes, all in one place. And I love when days go by and I have no time to even peek there, and then I finally show up with a cup of hot beverage and I scroll away.

Although at times it does get a bit frustrating, don't you think? All those someone has and I have a picture of it. Really? No, no! It's suppose to be inspiring. So, I decide I should get inspired, make something out of all my perfect boards, have something Pinteresting.

So it happened that I had this necklace pinned on my jewels board, and I had this chain thingy from this post, in my (not-really-working) jewelry box, that never really claimed it was a necklace.

In fact I think it started the career as a belt on a purple leopard print skimpy dress under a tent on an annual village fair somewhere in the East of Serbia back in the 90s (meaning this: nsfw). But you know, I could see the potential finally, thanks to the Pinterest. So I grabbed the pliers and removed the bigger rings and left only those with more geometric-Pinterest qualityI think it totally worked. And my necklace, I swear, it totally forgot it's previous career as a belt, and works full time for me now, as a necklace.


March 16, 2014

Wes Anderson And Some Bacon

In real life diet and exercise for me, in dream life this:

This guy is so incredibly awesome that I won't even mention his name here out of fear that his reputation might get ruined after being seen in a place with so many photos of kittens and flowers and an occasional outfit post. If you have spare 20 minutes to die laughing watch this video and see how healthy competition works in rock'n'roll.

We're finally watching The Grand Budapest  Hotel this week and it's a chance to test this theory. Let's see if Anderson's characters have really lost the freedom of movement...


March 14, 2014

Of Kindle With Love

'Just sending you another proof we didn't make a mistake!' he was yelling from across the room or sending me a message from the office, for many weeks after our Kindle Paperwhite had arrived, accompanied by a link leading to another proof of how awesomely fantastic the Kindle Paperwhite was.

And me? I already knew it from the moment I'd read my first book on it. And it's not fair to say we didn't make a mistake, now, because he didn't make a mistake (You didn't!!!). I, on the other hand, wasn't that sure about the whole thing - it's too much money, but I wanna buy books, how can a gadget replace a real book! I was mostly worried about the money part, but even more about buying real books part (so much about my ways to save money).

At the beginning of December, when we were finally unpacking it I observed the thing with apprehension. Too pretty, all black, minimalistic, plastic. While he was adjusting and tampering, uploading and downloading and whatevering it, I was in the other room stroking our real books, comforting them that everything's going to be ok, and they could never ever be replaced.

And then it happened. He said 'Look at all the books we've got on it!', and I was like 'Uuuuuuuu!(wide eyes, not blinking) Roald Dahl! Can I just take a quick look at Mathilda, I've always wanted to read it!!!' And I did, and then I read it in two days. And then I read Silent Witness by Agatha Christie, and then I read A Moveable Feast and The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. (And don't worry, I did by 3 new real books since then, so I'm fine.)

And then our Kindle came to life, it became our pet, our companion. At night we put it by the bed, we make schedules of who's taking it out (to work, to a skiing trip, short trip, long trip, park..). And if I see it left on the edge of a chair, desk, or a shelf, I turn into a monster because WHAT IF IT FELL OFF!!! My greatest fear is still falling asleep with it. Paperwhite has that back light, so I don't need a lamp, but then it's easier to fall asleep and squish it and break it. I had a few nightmares on this subject, me dropping it from the bed, rolling over and destroying it while sleeping, and every time it'd break like it was of the most delicate glass and I was left holding the pieces and crying (very dramatic and traumatic). One night I even woke up suddenly and started looking for it in panic only to realize that I'd turned it off and went to bed about two hours earlier. So, you can write that down as the only little disadvantage I discovered so far.

There was also the question of dressing it up, of course and Pinterest gave us endless options, Belgrade on the other hand, not so much. We searched and searched, and in 10 stores only 2 people knew what Kindle was and only 1 had some poor excuse for a case with an inexcusable price tag. So I had to take things in my own hands:

Oh, and one more thing! Please don't ask why we didn't just buy a tablet because that question throws me into a raging fit. It's different and while I recover from the last fit someone smarter and more composed than me explained why, and also all the other great advantages of this magical gadget. By the way he doesn't mention the disadvantage I discovered, so take that into account if you like...


Coming Back

Hopefully, there will be at least one person still left here. I didn't have much to say for the last few months or I didn't think anyone cared. But the blogger identity crisis is done and over with and this little place is still not ready to retire. It's a nice feeling to write a post and hit Publish again. Thank you if you are still here and to celebrate the comeback I give you some cats.