October 25, 2013

A Guide to the Flea Market

 Going to the flea market gets me in the same type of excitement as going to the Book Fair. Except I can't go with a list. No, definitely no lists for the flea market, won't work. You have to let yourself get carried by the wave, you have to sniff and search, you must have the eye that sees under all the dust and among all that rust. You have to watch the people carefully, from the youngest to the oldest. Some will show you every single thing they sell, with some you can try and bargain, some other will try and cheat, from some you'll want to just run away, some will tell you stories, perhaps of a broken water heater and another flea market in a small town nearby.

And also, you'll have to get up early, earlier than on the Book Fair day. But if it's sunny outside the early walk is well worth it. You'll experience the magic hour, long shadows and golden sun and you'll definitely need the sunglasses. You might be tempted to take a few pictures and then you'll have to explain to your friend why you're late. She'll forgive you of course and take you to her place when you get tired of all the shopping. She'll make some coffee you'll empty all the bags on the floor and scream: 'I can't believe you've got that for just 1E!!!'



  1. wow, nice finds. I don't have the patience for flea markets. any kind of shopping really. I pop into one or two shops every so often. in, a quick look around, and out again. that has to suffice. book shops on the other hand... just found a brilliant little used book shop today.... it was heaven :)

  2. Gledala sam previše horor filmova pa me strah rabljenih stvari xD