October 23, 2013

Belgrade Book Fair 2013 - James Bond and Crocheting

It's that time of the year again, it's Belgrade Book Fair time which means absolutely nothing to you unless you live in Serbia. But to me it's the only morning I'm really happy despite hanging out with my new best friend Insomnia all night. I'll still show you the list of what I found and tell you that we are getting our first Kindle from Santa this year and I'm still not sure what to feel about it...

Top row:
1. The Neverending Story - Michael Ende (in Serbian)*
2.  Diamonds are Forever- Ian Fleming (in English)*
3. Flaubert's Parrot - Julian Barnes (in Serbian)
4. Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse - Virginia Wolf (in English)
5. Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery

Second row:
1. Neuromancer - William Gibson (in English)
2. From Russia with Love - Ian Fleming (in English)
3. In the Company of Cheerful Ladies- Alexander McCall Smith (in Serbian)
4. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte (in English)
5. Random vintage Serbian book on crocheting

Bottom row:
1. Sandman - Neil Gaiman (in Serbian)
2. Metro 2033 - Dmitry Glukhovsky(in Serbian)
3. Wunderkind - Roy Jacobsen (in Serbian)
below: Ivan Klajn - kind of Serbian dictionary
4. Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert (in English)
5. American Vogue, Septembar 2013

So, judging by this choice of books what would one think of me? I wonder...
* Being able to read in two languages is the only super power I have.



  1. oh, this is a fabulous collection. love Michael Ende. and Julian Barnes (have you read 'sense of an ending'? absolutely fantastic). and A. McCall Smith. and Neil Gaiman. and, of course, Flaubert. books books books. you gotta love them. and you will love your Kindle. you can still read real books. it's not an either/or situation :)

    1. i'm just starting with Barnes, the rest of the crowd are old friends.
      i'm actually excited about Kindle, but i could never stop buying actual books, I cannot imagine that :D