December 17, 2012

La Femme & Misfits

These days I want to be icy blonde with porcelain skin dressed and trained to kill. I'm jumping out of closets and sneaking around in a half squat with the pretend gun in my hands. I'm instantly transported back to my teenage days when I actually did the same after watching La Femme Nikita on TV.

And I'm watching it on TV again. I refuse to see it on-line and do the three days five seasons marathon. I'm saving it and savouring it. It's a daily reward for, well, anything done (I suppose this means nothing would get done otherwise).

And I also have a weekly TV reward in the form of a British TV show Misfits. On Thursday nights you'll find me crushing on Simon.

Story is marvellously ridiculous, camera is captivating and the cast is fantastic from head, hair to accents.  


December 2, 2012

Why Did Cary Grant Learn Knitting?

* Knitting is my current state of mind (and I don't want it ever to change). But as for Cary Grant and his knitting just listen to this: he did this as a part of "propaganda project" for a War Relief organization. Knitting was sadly a feminine past-time in the 40's His learning how to knit was to prove his "moral bravery." Really Cary?! It seems hard, of mine! Are the needles too sharp, is that lady mean?

* I'm not the one to get all impressed by models and idolize them for whatever reason. (Not that I did not have the phase.) But a job is a job, people do it, successfully or not so much, some are well known, some are invisible, and we like it or we don't, any way it's a job.

But I must confess my weakness for Karlie Kloss. Not that I followed her, but she kept appearing in many things I really liked. Pretty and smart, an ex dancer (hooked), has a few things to say, too, and she's only 20! That's what broke me.

So, the other day I ran into this article about Nicaragua and guess who's a part of it. Now, I am gonna travel the world even when I'm 80 and this is the kind of place I wanna see.

Photograph by Ryan McGinley

* We all already know Kinfolk magazine, I'm sure, and we are all enchanted by it's perfectly undone, au naturel aesthetic. But have you ever wondered how much is that aesthetic a matter of a trend?

Reading this text an avalanche of the questions fell on my head, so, please help! Are we all hipsters, do we want to be them or do we hate them? Are the hipsters to blame for everything? Is our striving to be a bit different, do it our(your)self, look great in a perfect notthatwecare way, is that all a consequence of originality, trend economic crisis, or is it really that we couldn't care less?  

Forgive me, I know it's Sunday.