May 29, 2012

Sunny Grey

My hair and I, we have a love/hate relationship. You know how they say, it's a thin line between love and hate. I say it's a thin hair between love and hate, it's too short a bang between love and hate (fine, I'll stop).

It took me almost 20 years to allow my hair not to be straight. I finally realized that combing and hairbrushes are completely obsolete and made friends with nature. Then two years ago I stopped feeling like a brunette and started feeling like a redhead (inspiration *she was not on the radar at the time yet). And  the current colour was actually a mistake. I didn't memorize the number of my first dye, just the picture of the lady on the box. The trouble was the package was changed at one moment so I lost my lady. I bought the colour that looked about right, and it wasn't the one. And I am still using it and still love it. And I also wrote down the brand, number and lady.

My hair was down almost to my waist up until recently. Then I decided I don't want it any more and to cut it to the shoulder length. I actually had to persuade my hairdresserher to do it. I believe I saw a teardrop in her eye while she was cutting it. I, on the other hand, have no regret.

I already gave away my anti-combing-hair-taming technique. My worst and almost only enemy is moisture (accurate description: it's so fluffy I could die!).

I also adore braids. But that's a whole different story...


May 13, 2012

...used to know

* I know people are getting sick of this song and I really don't. I was very aware of its overexposure, so I listened to it very moderately. Just a dozen times on repeat, then a few days hiatus. But you have to do the repeat mode, it's the most effective like that. And since I love it so much this is a great moment to share it here, since I found this video with the most mesmerizing choreography (and luckily nobody can see my interpretation of it these days in front of my computer...)

* Then something that will be very useful in your intellectual self defense arsenal. 

* And in the end something to dream of.

I hope you had a great weekend!


May 8, 2012


No, I did not forget to tell you about the hat. In fact, I'll throw in a story about this bag and this dress just because I can.

About a month ago my friend Tamara called and said she'd be passing through Belgrade and she had some free time to meet up over ice coffee and catch up on news. So, she was waiting for me and I was late (which is actually very unusual for me). I was running down the cobblestone street when I saw an old man selling some old stuff and among old stuff this hat. I had to stop, I had to go back, you know I had to, even though I was already late. 'How much for the hat?' I screamed (I'm usually more articulate and polite). 'Two hundred' (which is about 2 Euro) he answered. So SOLD! Gave the money, grabbed the hat and ran off. And I had the perfect excuse for being late, which nobody would understand better than Tamara.

A week later I was going up the same street, after BF and I got late for the bus to our old little town. We had two hours to kill until the net bus, so we settled on going somewhere for milkshakes. As we were going up, I saw this old lady selling old stuff and this time a bag had my radars going. I said to the man we had to come back later and the man said 'Go now!'. And I went. The lady said 'Two hundred' I happily handed over two hundred and left with a completely new leather bag.

As for the dress, the story about it is completely unrelated with the previous two but I had to share it. I spent last Saturday in search for the dress for one of my best friends wedding this June. Now, people, I love shopping, I really do, but this day was so grueling I almost swore off it forever (well, we all know that would never actually happen). I tried on so many dresses and kept wondering when they'd stopped producing clothes for grown ups. It was like all the dresses were designed for me when I was fifteen and chasing boys around our little town in the hot summer nights. When I finally hit the stage of I'll-buy-any-dress-just-so-I-don't-have-to-relive-this-day, I luckily found this red one. Now I admit it, I cannot wait for June.

And I leave you with that, you can go and read other things now. As for the story about the hair you'll read in another issue... 


May 4, 2012

Jeggings O.O

My dear bloggy frieds, I have a confession. I am one of those people who will agree with the claim that leggings are NOT pants (or trousers, whichever you prefer). Not that I don't like them, not that I don't have them, but they are simply not pants!

I have another confession. Few weeks ago dear Misty said she never wore skinny jeans. I said 'you go girl!' but than I realized that I only wore skinny jeans. They just occupied my closet. And where we live it's really hard to find other types of jeans at affordable price if their not on trend right now. And I've actually grown to really love my skinny jeans, usually with wider tops, blouses, shirts... insert what you like, as my figure is not too skinny jeans friendly. And if the weather is nice I like to french cuff them and show off the shoes, strappy sandals... insert other. And I like how they are easily tucked into boots for winter show off.

Now (or very few years ago) some wise (very strange) people invented something amazing (really weird). A leggings+skinny jeans combo or jeggings. At first I thought how scary, but then I tried them on. Army green, stretchy material, with the elastic waistband. Yes, no zipper, no buttons, elastic waistband. Now I've had them for two years already. They show off my boots when it's cold, and the ballet flats with ze french cuffs if it's hot.
And now thank you for making it through to the end. Sorry for the long story and know that I have so much more to tell you. For example, about this hat and how I had my haircut. But you'll have to wait a bit for those...