May 13, 2012

...used to know

* I know people are getting sick of this song and I really don't. I was very aware of its overexposure, so I listened to it very moderately. Just a dozen times on repeat, then a few days hiatus. But you have to do the repeat mode, it's the most effective like that. And since I love it so much this is a great moment to share it here, since I found this video with the most mesmerizing choreography (and luckily nobody can see my interpretation of it these days in front of my computer...)

* Then something that will be very useful in your intellectual self defense arsenal. 

* And in the end something to dream of.

I hope you had a great weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Bila sam opsjednuta pjesmom,ali sad mi vec malo ide na zivce:) Super video!