November 27, 2013

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies

It's snowing outside and inside I'm a hostage. No, not because of the snow, I'm the hostage of the Game of Thrones. Yes, it's so in the spirit of the book. What happened was that I tried to make a longer pause because I only have one more book to read. And then I got obsessed I couldn't stop thinking of it and finally succumbed and asked for the last one.

Well, I still had to wait for it and so I finished In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, which was my fellow hostage. I started reading it last time I tried to make a pause between two parts of GoT and last time I showed I had no willpower. It was only fair to finish it now, although I like to read seasonally, you know Africa in the summer and Winterfell in the winter.

Who else reads multiple books at the same time?


November 6, 2013

The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency - TV Series

Yesterday I was endlessly grateful to Nevena for tipping me off in one of her posts about the existence of  The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, TV series, produced by BBC! And there was nothing the could lift me better on a blurry, grainy, grey yesterday than a perfect pilot episode that lasted as an average film.
You know it's tricky when you like a book so much and then you have to watch someone else's vision of it. It's probably best if you have some time distance from reading it and then watch the ecranisation, so you can watch it without holding on to too many details. And maybe I was so thrilled with the show because I read the first book two years ago, but I was THRILLED and I was blown off my feet (even though I was already on the couch).

And it had the same effect the book had had before. I felt optimistic and motivated, I felt inspired, however cliche it all sounds. It was unlike any of the shows we currently watch, not that any of them are bad, but this one was simply so different.
You get exposed to a culture that's colourful, simple, full of music and surrounded by beautiful nature. A new main character who's positive and intelligent, with the most beautiful smile and hair and most colourful outfits. Every single scene is for an inspiration folder interior, travel, nature, style, just pick one!

And id you are patient enough save it for a rainy day, a day that turns on you, and you'll have an instant defense system ready.  

And forgive me for not being able to edit out some of the screencaps, even this much didn't feel enough.


November 4, 2013

Jane Eyre

After drowning in classics of English literature for four years of University and successfully  passing all the exams thankyouverymuch, I got tired of the classics and avoided reading them for years (although I couldn't avoid buying them). I tried several times but D.H. Lawrence and Edith Wharton and their Sons and Lovers and The Age of Innocence went back to the bookshelf too fast.

Now, I know a lot about many classics, as I guess many other people do, whether I read them or not, which makes it hard for me to read them sometimes. Also I avoid watching a movie before reading a book, like a plague. (I must tell you what happened with The Catcher in the Rye and my previous knowledge about a book, but that's another.)

Well, Jane Eyre I haven't read and I haven't watched the movie which came in handy one sleepless night after I checked emails, Instagram, Facebook and all that jazz. Reader app on my Android offered Jane and I said OK, because of not too much previous knowledge and enough desperation. And I kept reading until sunrise, got to chapter XIII, and in the morning I put it on my Book Fair list. Jane Eyre is now my intermezzo between last two book of Game of Thrones, my way of saving it.