November 4, 2013

Jane Eyre

After drowning in classics of English literature for four years of University and successfully  passing all the exams thankyouverymuch, I got tired of the classics and avoided reading them for years (although I couldn't avoid buying them). I tried several times but D.H. Lawrence and Edith Wharton and their Sons and Lovers and The Age of Innocence went back to the bookshelf too fast.

Now, I know a lot about many classics, as I guess many other people do, whether I read them or not, which makes it hard for me to read them sometimes. Also I avoid watching a movie before reading a book, like a plague. (I must tell you what happened with The Catcher in the Rye and my previous knowledge about a book, but that's another.)

Well, Jane Eyre I haven't read and I haven't watched the movie which came in handy one sleepless night after I checked emails, Instagram, Facebook and all that jazz. Reader app on my Android offered Jane and I said OK, because of not too much previous knowledge and enough desperation. And I kept reading until sunrise, got to chapter XIII, and in the morning I put it on my Book Fair list. Jane Eyre is now my intermezzo between last two book of Game of Thrones, my way of saving it.



  1. I just read Jane Eyre for the first time earlier this year. I love DH Lawrence. haven't read Edith Wharton yet. my final written English exam was on one of the Broentes, and I hated it. ever since, I refused to read any of their books. but I love Jane Eyre. and I do squeeze in one of the classics every so often!!

  2. Ja sam nju nedavno kupila, ti klasici su jako jeftini + iz ove možeš gatati :) Makar je pogrešna sestra Bronte xD

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