September 11, 2013


Just a few things I did not do since I got back from Greece (and no, I also didn't stop talking about Greece). So, I didn't...

1. Turn on the TV...  yet, but I'm going strong. Yes, I have no idea who are the new members of the government, but who cares anyway.

2. Cook real lunch. You know, pots, the stove and all that jazz, but I did make a peach cake and a pizza, so it kind of counts or not...

3. Walk in anything but sandals, and on the days when it was raining I didn't go out.

4. Stop smelling like coconutAh, the coconut, hated and despised for a few years, it came back stronger than ever, reincarnated and restored, to be used in shower, as a body lotion, SPF cream and to be eaten (but not in shower, SPF and as a body lotion, just simple cakes and ice creams).

5. Find a cat to pet... it's a full blown crisis because apparently all the Belgrade cats became extremely photogenic yet elusive while we were away.

6. Stop reading The Game of Thrones. The first book I started and finished on the beach under a parasol. The second on my sofa, all day every day, but as it gets closer to the end, things are getting dangerous because I have to get my claws on the third one ASAP. I'm prepared to put on my suit of armour and fight you, I'll throw some magic or let my dragon get you, I'll marry a poor knight and give away my lands and castle, but I'll get all the books, I swear on my sword!!!
See, it's dangerous and must be read!



  1. Haha, all those things are allowed! After all even after a vacation is over, you should still continue it for that vibe and ease out of it slowly, that way the swing of getting back to normal isn't so harsh. I could use a vacation soon! Greece must have been lovely!

    Simply Akshara

  2. ha, love love love game of thrones. you better slow down. the last two volumes are not even written yet ;)