September 17, 2013

A Postcard

I know, I know, you've had it with me and all the Greece talk but allow me just this one (two) post(s) because I've been good otherwise. I'm already working on the list of books to buy on the Belgrade Book Fair in October and I've dug out a few sweaters from the wintery depths of my closet and I've almost completely stopped wearing sandals (but I'm not putting them away yet, so back off). I need just a bit more time to admit it's fall...

Creature of water

I must have been a duck in some of my previous lives because although I'm a lousy swimmer put me in the water (shallow) and my head goes in and my tail goes up immediately, a duck I tell you. As long as I have the mask and the snorkel on you'll watch my flowery bikini bottom on the surface of the sea for hours. And if I also have an underwater digital camera maybe you won't see me for the whole day but you'll have to watch about 900 photos of fish, waves, us under water, then one of an octopus hiding under a rock, and a lot of shells and sand, and a lot of other things, but under water.

On Hair and Make Up
Yes, seriously, on my vacation. What?! Well, my hair was fluffy and curly, but good fluffy, seaside fluffy. I gave up on shampoo for 10 days and only used masks when I washed my hair, the ones that were in orange and yellow packaging and with the sun on them, sounds like weird criteria for choosing any product but it worked and my hair was happy (and fluffy). And the make up... it happened just one day when my nose was particularly red because of the snorkeling mask and the sun, I had to comfort myself with a bit of eyeliner and a cat eye that evening. That's all that happened, the rest of the beauty routine was led by the philosophy titled I smell like coconut/wear SPF 40/nail polish, nail polish and another nail polish.

The Art of Dressing and Changing Often

When on summer vacation my clothes suddenly gets a few inches shorter, all of it, dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, everything. The length I don't wear in the city. I also need a big hat, sunglasses and a lot of ice cream. Two bikinis: one floral, one black, never worn as a set, always the black top and floral bottoms or black bottoms and floral top. And finally sandals and flip flops on rotation (also a new pair of handmade Greek leather sandals bought that deserve their own story, pic.3).

And it's still not the end, will be continued...


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  1. don't worry. I for one am not tired of holiday stories and pictures of Greece. keep them coming :)