September 9, 2013

September, Sea and MC Hammer

You know that time just at the end of August when your mum gets you a new pair of pants for school? It's probably the end of the 80s, beginning of the 90s and Hammer pants are still cool, even with the mums who want their children to be fashionable. But mum will still let you wear your favourite summer sandals for the first few days, but only during the day before it gets chilly in the evening. You can also wear the white T-shirt, it will do for PE class, too. And every little lady needs some bling, so you borrow mum's gold necklace with the diamonds (of course it's real) and that big ring you got from Kinder Surprise is just perfect. Et Voila! You are ready for the first day of school!
Naturally, you would wear a school bag or backpack with all the books and stuff, but as I was actually dressed like this during my summer vacation in Greece, I only had this tote with a flock of birds and stuff. Yes, that's what happened with this outfit, isn't it a rational description. And isn't it just the perfect outfit for either the first of school or the one cloudy rainy day that someone smuggled on your summer vacation? Say it is...


  1. ha, nice. I got a pair of harem's pants this summer (or whatever else the politically correct name for them is) - the do look a bit like MC Hammer pants. and they are perfect for summer. you look really cute in your outfit. love the bag :)

    1. hammer pants is the most politically correct title :D and they are perfect i have one too many pairs (i never thought this phrase works). anyway, thanks for the cute part :)