April 21, 2013

Usual Sunday Frolicking

* I turned 29 recently and this text really struck a cord with me. Yes, I've got a few ideas and you'll probably never here how busy I am again. And I may also forward the text to a few people that might not be in the age group, but could use facing a few of its points.

* Another one of those blogs where you must go through the whole archives for reading and pictures equally. Although sorry, it's in Serbian only. 

One more thing! About the pictures guess who else likes going to the flea market and randomly buying his daughters some questionable, but extremely comfortable footwear. You've guessed, my dad! My sister and I  are stilling picking up our jaws from the ground, but I do wear the shoes and you can see them and decide what you think. And you know, business as usual compensating the furry pleasure, we can't have at home, on the streets


April 15, 2013

Great Expectations

Some friends know you so well and you realize how well when you get a birthday present like this. So, Tamara, admit it, who gave you a my list of must-own classics?

April 10, 2013

Black and White and Hat

Here's the proof of my recent inspiration wave, my skills and my horrific impatience.

So, I found the yarn of perfect colours and lightness, inspiration is hard at work for days, my black and white phase is going strong for a while, which leads to to me making this perfectly soft and light knitted hat for (at last) spring time (in reality, it's a I-really-should-have-washed-my-hair-yesterday hat).

But I would not be me, myself, or I, if I could try out new thing slowly, carefully, with patience and a plan. No, no, I simply need it right now, 'cause it's good. So, it turned out a bit big and I'm simply going make it again (and impatience is one of my good sides, actually). So, if someone learned a lesson from this post, good for me, that means I will one day, too. :)


April 8, 2013

And Then Came the Spring Blues

Life support systems these days:

Doctor Who* marathons and a new found love for popcorn.

- When my boyfriend calls I hear Tardis. So, I might be the only person in the world with an Instagram account and without a smart phone, but my stupid phone has a Tardis ringtone, ha!

- The Pan Balkan meteorological depression gave me a reason to continue with the manic knitting and crocheting...  #hats and wrist warmers are spreading around exponentially and my partner in life is probably sending SOS signals somewhere behind me.

- I keep imagining to be person that presses a button for censoring the ''beautiful'' language in Big Brother live, but only because it's the sound of birds chirping. I also wonder how much this person is paid for the job...

* No spoilers, please, we are on season 3 and we have yet to meet the new Doctor and we are still not ready say goodbye to the old one.


April 7, 2013

Self Defence

* Are you surprised that it starts with rain? Does anyone else feel that the world is coming to an end but instead of big bang we are quietly going to fade away without a ray of sun...? 

* Occasionally I stumble upon a blog that I cannot leave until I read through the whole archive. It happened twice recently: so, Wiksten made me want to knit, knit and knit some more, then swoon for some spring clothes, then pine after some beautiful jewellery; then I found SillyWorld and I wanted to go to Novi Sad wear clothes and shoes not made of rubber and take some pictures.

* I love watching and reading interviews, # voyeur_at_heart. I love walking around and peeking at peoples windows especially if there's a beautiful light fixture, wall colour or music involved. I love interviews to see if I can see a real person behind the answers and I always have a few more questions I would add.