April 8, 2013

And Then Came the Spring Blues

Life support systems these days:

Doctor Who* marathons and a new found love for popcorn.

- When my boyfriend calls I hear Tardis. So, I might be the only person in the world with an Instagram account and without a smart phone, but my stupid phone has a Tardis ringtone, ha!

- The Pan Balkan meteorological depression gave me a reason to continue with the manic knitting and crocheting...  #hats and wrist warmers are spreading around exponentially and my partner in life is probably sending SOS signals somewhere behind me.

- I keep imagining to be person that presses a button for censoring the ''beautiful'' language in Big Brother live, but only because it's the sound of birds chirping. I also wonder how much this person is paid for the job...

* No spoilers, please, we are on season 3 and we have yet to meet the new Doctor and we are still not ready say goodbye to the old one.



  1. Steta sto nema jos slika,bas mi se svidja outfit :)


    1. he, he, hvala:)
      ja ne umem baš da se slikam, pa ispadne ovako, to je moja verzija outfit posta :)

  2. how is Doctor Who? I've never gotten into it... wondering if I should give it another try, tho...

    1. oh, you so definitely should! start with the season from 2005 with Nicholas Eccleston. or even better find the episode Blink from season 3, should be episode 10, and if you like that, you're good to go. This episode is not too much centred on the Doctor and it's a great intro for the show. You won't regret it :)