April 21, 2013

Usual Sunday Frolicking

* I turned 29 recently and this text really struck a cord with me. Yes, I've got a few ideas and you'll probably never here how busy I am again. And I may also forward the text to a few people that might not be in the age group, but could use facing a few of its points.

* Another one of those blogs where you must go through the whole archives for reading and pictures equally. Although sorry, it's in Serbian only. 

One more thing! About the pictures guess who else likes going to the flea market and randomly buying his daughters some questionable, but extremely comfortable footwear. You've guessed, my dad! My sister and I  are stilling picking up our jaws from the ground, but I do wear the shoes and you can see them and decide what you think. And you know, business as usual compensating the furry pleasure, we can't have at home, on the streets