December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a beautiful and magical night and a happy and productive year!

December 27, 2011

It's almost midnight

These are the consequences of the great glitter wave that ran through our apartment last week. 
1.    A light bulb that wanted more...

2.     Paper, paper and gold tissue paper:

3. In the end bottles, candles, mistletoe, and more glitter and paper:


And the carpet...


December 20, 2011


Dear Santa, if you are reading this, please note that, despite getting some glitter in my eye, I did not give up on holiday spirit. This is my wishlist, it’s pretty short (and if I may add, I only put the essential stuff on it, ok, almost essential).

Number 1: this is a book I’ve been dreaming of since university. I couldn’t find it in Belgrade, but I’ve recently heard of an Australian site that has free shipping worldwide on all their books.

Number 2: something fluffy to wear. Not real, just faux and it doesn’t have to be this particular one. Ideally I will finally find one in 2012, since I’ve been wishing for one for years and years, just like for this hat and I found the hat this year, so the coat has to be next.

Number 3: I got this mascara as a present. I was disappointed to see it was brown when I opened it, but it turned out to be ideal. The packaging is so beautiful (the pictures doesn’t do it justice), but the price is pretty discouraging, at least for Serbian conditions. I need a new mascara anyway but maybe I’ll just go to the store and hold this one in my hands for a while.

Number 4: the big bum of dotted tights made no one happier than me. I had a pair of dark greens when I was a kid and I wore them in special occasions with special dresses. And today I’m not as careful with tights as I was then. So the old pair was finished at the wedding of one of my best friends and it’s time for new ones.
So, what is on your wish list, real or imaginary?

December 18, 2011

It's ON

I am now officially warning you that things are changing over here, things are getting serious, people. New Year is getting closer meaning that glitter is lurking around every corner. No more hiding. We are starting with serious actions, today. Choose your weapons people, scissors, glue, glitter, wrapping paper, ribbons. 
I'm giving you some helpful links for holiday inspired DIYs. And I'm going to go now and attack everything that moves or doesn't move with glitter, resistance is futile. And you can inform me about your progress.

Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3

P.S. The cat is here for the sole purpose of distracting you from your tasks, just to check the devotion to your mission.

December 12, 2011

1, 2, 3, round II

This Monday some of the things I have and adore again. This necklace was bought on sale about two years ago. We call it dr. Zoidberg (any Futurama fans out there?). Together with the rings from the previous posts it spends a lot of time in my bag.

The leather and brass cuff cost about 0.2 euro on the flea market. I believe the lady was going to throw it away that day if I hadn't bought it. I had to disassemble it and clean it and when I reassembled it I was left with a few spare parts. It has a wire that pulls out sometimes and scratches but otherwise its fully functional and beautiful.

These long gloves are also a flea market find. They cost half a euro. They're made of the softest, buttery leather and they're silvery. Although I had them for a few years I still don't have a coat or a blazer with shorter sleeves to really show them off. Ok, that's on the list.

December 11, 2011

Weekend jewels

kisa ce...

Here is another weekend daydreams post. We are experiencing  unusually warm weather for this time of the year here on the Balkans. This completely messed up my Spidey-fashion sense so I put some umbrellas and then summery platforms together. But possible only on Polyvore.

* Yesterday I stumbled upon this picture and now it's all I can think about. If I could walk around dressed like this whole winter I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't need anything else.

* And underneath your clothes *click* for your special someone. 

* In the end pick one of these and dream on.

   Enjoy your Sunday and come back tomorrow.

December 8, 2011


I love boots. My mom had a pair of over the knee flat boots when I was a kid. She always wore them with these dark purple leggings-riding pants she had. Yeah, she was cool. And I wish I still had them. But those boot led me to a romanticized image of the role of the winter boots, which led to a couple of painful winters.

Naturally, I compared all the boots she ever bought me with hers and I was never satisfied. Then the time came when I could buy them myself. The first winter I was in love with rubber boots so I bought a pair. They had a colourful print, with the girl faces that reminded of Picasso paintings. I wore them happily with everything in my closet until the first snow... I think that the girls on them died of hypothermia. Conclusion of the year - rubber boots and snow is a no, no. Well, some lessons you learn the hard way.

The following year - well, look at these brown beauties. They had the rubber sole, a platform, 8 cm heel, I innocently assumed they were waterproof since they were boots after all (don't ask). Sure, I'd wear them every day... until the first snow. And then I got blisters (I wore extra pair of socks 'cause I'm smart). I slipped on ice and fell. I couldn't run after the bus and when I finally got home my two pairs of socks were soaking wet and my feet were frozen. 

And that was the moment. Thank you forces of nature, point taken: don't have a car, buying winter boots, think twice. Now I have them. They're sturdy, warm, strong zipper, thick sole and the price was, well... But for the past 3 winters my feet are warm and dry, though my legs look like Robocop's. Because of that they only come out on extreme weather conditions, they don't mind.   

December 5, 2011

1, 2, 3, look around

It’s December and I’ve been thinking about this blue sky of mine and obviously it’s not right anymore. My head is full of fairy lights for the tree, I like them blue, white or rainbow, cheap ones from China. Last year they lasted until March. Then they succumbed to my constant abuse of the program button and with a puff, some smoke, light effects and the smell of burning plastic they were done with me. I still haven’t bought new ones but I put them up here on the blog. Like them?

And before the New Year arrives and presents and all other new things I wanted to show something old. From now on *Monday is the day for old things so I don’t lose or forget them. So Monday, the day for the things we have (maybe we realize we don’t need something new*). 

1. These are my two favourite rings. I've had them for two years and I always have them with me. I carry them in the purse if it's not practical to wear them.
2. These two I have since fifth grade. I wanted the girl because she looked just like my sister, I wanted to have blond, straight hair like the two of them. My sister chose the boy because he reminded her of her best friend. Today they have a special place on the book shelf. And the boy lost his shoes but he is still cool.
3. These watches belonged to my mom and dad. They wanted to get rid of them and I had to save them. Dad's watch is mechanical and has to be manually wound.
*Next week this post will be on Monday. This week it was delayed due to header construction problems.