December 18, 2011

It's ON

I am now officially warning you that things are changing over here, things are getting serious, people. New Year is getting closer meaning that glitter is lurking around every corner. No more hiding. We are starting with serious actions, today. Choose your weapons people, scissors, glue, glitter, wrapping paper, ribbons. 
I'm giving you some helpful links for holiday inspired DIYs. And I'm going to go now and attack everything that moves or doesn't move with glitter, resistance is futile. And you can inform me about your progress.

Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3

P.S. The cat is here for the sole purpose of distracting you from your tasks, just to check the devotion to your mission.


  1. Ništa divnije od tih stvorenja! Fotke su obožavajuće! pratim blog! Čitamo se!

  2. My cat distracts me all the time too! I love your shoes though! :)

  3. @FD: hvala:)
    @tonya: cats are best distraction in the world!:D