December 8, 2011


I love boots. My mom had a pair of over the knee flat boots when I was a kid. She always wore them with these dark purple leggings-riding pants she had. Yeah, she was cool. And I wish I still had them. But those boot led me to a romanticized image of the role of the winter boots, which led to a couple of painful winters.

Naturally, I compared all the boots she ever bought me with hers and I was never satisfied. Then the time came when I could buy them myself. The first winter I was in love with rubber boots so I bought a pair. They had a colourful print, with the girl faces that reminded of Picasso paintings. I wore them happily with everything in my closet until the first snow... I think that the girls on them died of hypothermia. Conclusion of the year - rubber boots and snow is a no, no. Well, some lessons you learn the hard way.

The following year - well, look at these brown beauties. They had the rubber sole, a platform, 8 cm heel, I innocently assumed they were waterproof since they were boots after all (don't ask). Sure, I'd wear them every day... until the first snow. And then I got blisters (I wore extra pair of socks 'cause I'm smart). I slipped on ice and fell. I couldn't run after the bus and when I finally got home my two pairs of socks were soaking wet and my feet were frozen. 

And that was the moment. Thank you forces of nature, point taken: don't have a car, buying winter boots, think twice. Now I have them. They're sturdy, warm, strong zipper, thick sole and the price was, well... But for the past 3 winters my feet are warm and dry, though my legs look like Robocop's. Because of that they only come out on extreme weather conditions, they don't mind.   

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