December 11, 2011

Weekend jewels

kisa ce...

Here is another weekend daydreams post. We are experiencing  unusually warm weather for this time of the year here on the Balkans. This completely messed up my Spidey-fashion sense so I put some umbrellas and then summery platforms together. But possible only on Polyvore.

* Yesterday I stumbled upon this picture and now it's all I can think about. If I could walk around dressed like this whole winter I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't need anything else.

* And underneath your clothes *click* for your special someone. 

* In the end pick one of these and dream on.

   Enjoy your Sunday and come back tomorrow.


  1. Those rings in the last link are really beautiful. They're so delicate, and I love that each is a little imperfect - I think that's what make them seem so special.

  2. that umbrella is charming)