December 5, 2011

1, 2, 3, look around

It’s December and I’ve been thinking about this blue sky of mine and obviously it’s not right anymore. My head is full of fairy lights for the tree, I like them blue, white or rainbow, cheap ones from China. Last year they lasted until March. Then they succumbed to my constant abuse of the program button and with a puff, some smoke, light effects and the smell of burning plastic they were done with me. I still haven’t bought new ones but I put them up here on the blog. Like them?

And before the New Year arrives and presents and all other new things I wanted to show something old. From now on *Monday is the day for old things so I don’t lose or forget them. So Monday, the day for the things we have (maybe we realize we don’t need something new*). 

1. These are my two favourite rings. I've had them for two years and I always have them with me. I carry them in the purse if it's not practical to wear them.
2. These two I have since fifth grade. I wanted the girl because she looked just like my sister, I wanted to have blond, straight hair like the two of them. My sister chose the boy because he reminded her of her best friend. Today they have a special place on the book shelf. And the boy lost his shoes but he is still cool.
3. These watches belonged to my mom and dad. They wanted to get rid of them and I had to save them. Dad's watch is mechanical and has to be manually wound.
*Next week this post will be on Monday. This week it was delayed due to header construction problems. 

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