September 28, 2011

Mad as a hatter

This is my favourite hat. It is number 3 in my vast collection of 3 hats, but I believe it marks the start of the exponential growth of my future hat collection. I only wear it on special occasions, around the apartment while driniking coffee, at lunch time and dinner time, trying on old or new clothes and shoes, checking myself out in the mirror, even when doing laundry. (In case someone’s wondering I still can see even though it doesn’t look like that, I haven’t yet hit anything).

I’ve been wanting this hat since high school (that’s a long time) and now that I finally have it, well, I wear it only on the mentioned special occasions. Not that I’ve ever been particularly shy about dressing up or wearing anything, I don’t care if someone stares, I’m used to it! But this hat makes me feel weird kind of awe and I keep thinking: when should I wear it, should I take it off in stores, should I wear it if it’s sunny or rainy, should I tip my hat as a hello to older people maybe…??? So when I finally pluck up the courage to wear it, I say IT’S NOW OR NEVER!, and then I get A 1000 Questions About Your Hat Quiz in my head.

Does anyone else have this problem or a solution or a rulebook for wearing hats? ‘Cause few days ago I saw this and got another burst of courage ‘cause that’s how you wear a hat, lady…

September 25, 2011

This is life since Friday.

Friday was not nice to me although I did get this pretty bracelet, a gift from a very special little girl. It continued with an impulsive purchase of the shoes although I really needed them (when I say really I mean really really, not justifying really). However it was hard to say that to bf as he knew how Friday was not nice at all to me, imagine how that sounded- Hi, I had a **** day and I bought shoes, HA. Does anyone else do that?

And flowers smell nice and look nice...

September 19, 2011

Attitude Cat

Look at this cat. You probably can't tell but he is actually sitting on a bike, a kawasaki or something like that, a very big bike. That's where he got the attitude from. Picture taken by the b-friend.

September 13, 2011

Head so empty

I am off to fight with the red tape monster tomorrow and these are some pretty things to keep my mind from crumbling under the horrible threat of bureaucracy.

* Some pretty clothes. They say it's back to school and oh how cool would I have been if I had dressed for school like this. Anyway, I got the inspiration to butcher a dress I had for a while that needed a makeover because of the weird length issues. Solution here - make even weirder length issues, and it works.
Now if only it was't 1298370129857021 degrees outside...

* And dressed in my new cool dress I would live here here.

* And I would cool off in the first of these videos, and then live the other two...

Have a nice evening.

September 8, 2011

Thursday is a cat day

This is one of the very nice and friendly Belgrade cats that made my morning after I got up at 5 am and spent 2 hours on the train station waiting for some relatives to arrive. As I was dragging my zombie feet deprived of sleep and coffee down the street I almost fell over this cat and she frowned upon me and fixed me with her stern green stare demanding to be petted. And I am never to tired to pet a willing street cat, trust me, never!

In other news I scored a deal of the (century) fall yesterday. I bought a brand new army green parka in a second hand store for 9,99e. It’s 100% cotton and it has a hidden hoody in the collar that’s neon green which I discovered only when I got home and felt as if I got a cake with my jacket (yeah, I like cake as much as second hand stores). Now I just might pluck up the courage for the (semi) outfit post to show it off… maybe…

September 5, 2011


This summer is not going down easily. Belgrade is hitting 30 to 34 °C so we spent a day on the city lake beach yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, summer is my (almost) favorite season but this tropic kind we’ve been having lately doesn’t really make sense in the city, it’s just too aggressive. But happy spring to Australia, I wish I was there, somewhere on the beach.

This is the only safe place for me to admit I would like some rain since I would be banned from my house if I would say that out loud. Although I really hate winter (except for the holidays) and it would be great if the spring could come after fall. And this is getting season crazy, so this is the hemisphere I was given and I’ll just live with it…

I wear this bracelet with a little silver leave hoping it will emit some magic call for fall to start, or autumn, whatever you like, I like both. However, my sister made it for me, and I made her the same one with a silver seashell as she is the one attacking anyone saying they like fall.

I am secretly taking out fall shoes, coats, and jackets, it’s like having a new wardrobe. Clothes that I couldn’t wait to get rid of in the spring is now my favorite again. And the hat floppy, wide brim, felt hat and the cape… Ok I am gonna go now and do some rain dance…