September 8, 2011

Thursday is a cat day

This is one of the very nice and friendly Belgrade cats that made my morning after I got up at 5 am and spent 2 hours on the train station waiting for some relatives to arrive. As I was dragging my zombie feet deprived of sleep and coffee down the street I almost fell over this cat and she frowned upon me and fixed me with her stern green stare demanding to be petted. And I am never to tired to pet a willing street cat, trust me, never!

In other news I scored a deal of the (century) fall yesterday. I bought a brand new army green parka in a second hand store for 9,99e. It’s 100% cotton and it has a hidden hoody in the collar that’s neon green which I discovered only when I got home and felt as if I got a cake with my jacket (yeah, I like cake as much as second hand stores). Now I just might pluck up the courage for the (semi) outfit post to show it off… maybe…


  1. Such a great little kitty! I love the collection of photos!

    I have a green parka, and I have to constantly remind myself of that to keep from buying more. It's just such a great style! Congrats on your score!

    Also: Inadvertently best idea for a vintage shop ever? Vintage clothes + cake!!

  2. Yeah, but you'd have to put the cake part in the back 'cause I'd never get to the clothes part if it were in the front of the shop :D Also if it would be my shop there would be great danger of clothes endangered by cake frosting.... :)

    But definitely best idea, I agree!