September 5, 2011


This summer is not going down easily. Belgrade is hitting 30 to 34 °C so we spent a day on the city lake beach yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, summer is my (almost) favorite season but this tropic kind we’ve been having lately doesn’t really make sense in the city, it’s just too aggressive. But happy spring to Australia, I wish I was there, somewhere on the beach.

This is the only safe place for me to admit I would like some rain since I would be banned from my house if I would say that out loud. Although I really hate winter (except for the holidays) and it would be great if the spring could come after fall. And this is getting season crazy, so this is the hemisphere I was given and I’ll just live with it…

I wear this bracelet with a little silver leave hoping it will emit some magic call for fall to start, or autumn, whatever you like, I like both. However, my sister made it for me, and I made her the same one with a silver seashell as she is the one attacking anyone saying they like fall.

I am secretly taking out fall shoes, coats, and jackets, it’s like having a new wardrobe. Clothes that I couldn’t wait to get rid of in the spring is now my favorite again. And the hat floppy, wide brim, felt hat and the cape… Ok I am gonna go now and do some rain dance…

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