October 26, 2011

Tango with the Wolves

Her name is Tamara Đurić. She loves soccer (because of her dad) and she plays basketball with her friends in their street. She always has an apple in her bag. When she was a kid she handstiched a needlepoint smurfette and had it framed. She was a jazz ballet dancer. She had all the hairstyles and hair colours you can imagine (she still asks me to braid her hair). She likes to saw (because of her mom, they always fight about the way things are done, Tamara is stubborn). She rides a bike, can’t drive. She adores 2 cities and a village. She still hangs out with her childhood gang all the time. In high school she used to draw on desks and the cleaning ladies almost never removed her drawings. And the kids from the other classes left her messages asking for a drawing and she did them. Her friends have her works framed because she gave them for birthdays or holidays or because they begged her to death for one (I got one for birthday). She graduated last week, she is a biologist now. It was her birthday on Monday and this Saturday she has her first exhibition. Speaking about the good month.
If you happen to be in Novi Sad, Serbia on Saturday you can see her imagination live in caffe Frida (Ise Bajica 8, Novi Sad). I’ll be there.

October 24, 2011

From Vogue to Shakespeare

This is  the outcome of the visit to the Belgrade Book Fair this weekend. And it’s my favourite week of the year even better than birthday. And there you can by anything from British Vogue to vintage Shakespeare, and again for my favourite price of 1 Euro. Since Vouges and any forgein magazines are pretty expensive in Serbia (up to 15 Euro) this is a real treat (if only I could find Lula for 1E). I also bought a set of all 12 issues of National Geographic magazine from 2007 for 5E. Oh and I did buy some books, too, Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith, Sendman by Neil Gaiman and some Shakespeare.
So Serbian speaking readers got an extensive guide to the Belgrade Book Fair which would not make much sense for non-Serbian readers, so the rest of you guys only get the pictures. But in case anyone happens to be coming to the BBF feel free to ask for any advice or directions and welcome to Belgrade.
So this is what else I found there and also what I wore (comfort is essential in this case):

October 20, 2011

Autumn Blues

My sister bought this sweater for me. She thought it was ridiculous and I would love it. She even called me on the phone and said she had bought something awful for me. Yeah, she knows me well. I have a lot of clothes that people I love hate but we make it work.
It has little pom poms people, pom pom shoulder party!
And I am wearing it with an old boyfriend's t-shirt, a navy maxi skirt and blue suede ankle boots, it has to work. And I predict family intervention after this outfit...

October 17, 2011

Almost Famous

I watched Almost Famous on Saturday and today I spent the afternoon saving screen shots from the film. Then it dawned on me why not share some inspiration. So here it is. And have you seen this film?

October 14, 2011

Wardrobe I


In the very first outfit post I present you a clashing snake and paisley whose conflict is prevented thanks to military green working as peace corps. The jacket was mentioned here, the dress mentioned here and boots mentioned also here

This dress was a very cheap flea market buy but stayed in the closet forever due to weird length issues. This asymmetric cut was a breakthrough and as it's been popping out more and more frequently everywhere so I guess comes spring we’ll all be mermaids. It's the easiest DIY there can be plus you get the great effect from it since the longer part of the skirt flies when you walk even without the wind, just cue music in your head..

Oh, and for the nails must-see-this. Just be careful it's addictive, I spent the whole afternoon sniffing nail polish and the colours almost started mixing on their own...

October 11, 2011

Not a Monday

This week I decided to skip the Monday. Not that I didn’t work, I worked. Just left it alone, without the usual I hate Monday stuff. My Monday afternoon became an extension of the weekend. I sat down with a cup of tea (or coffee, optional), a blanket and a few of my favourite online magazines.

And don’t get me wrong I am the one for books in my hands and on my shelves but I am never the one for extreme opinions and attitudes. These are magazines made by such great creative people and when I read them I feel that I’d have so much to talk about with those lovely guys (ladies). And the plus is that even though I live far away from where they’re made, I can read them without spending a dime (which makes more money for books (or shoes)). So for a bit of fashion, books, design, music and everything else we want to know, just read on.

First, the Motif magazine because there you can read an interview with one of my favourite bloggers Kristen on femininity:

Then the one that Jana (also one of my favourite bloggers) wrote about - Rue with its one year anniversary issue:

And just one more (you don’t have to read them all today, guys)- Matchbook magazine. And I've found this one myself (proud). It has been founded by two friends last february, comes out monthly, and I've read every single one. This month they have a very special cover girl. Trust me you won’t regret it:


October 7, 2011


As I was walking down the street last week in a window of a small beauty store I saw a sign ’Crackling Nail Polish’. What a marketing genius I thought!

Imagine the machinery working in my head at that moment. All the little hamsters running and the following question forming: how could I benefit from a bottle of crackling nail polish? What else could I have imagined than myself in a long magical dress, my hair redder than ever, walking down the street followed by the crackling sound. People around are struck with disbelief. Where does that sound come from, her nails!?
Crackling sound, sighs of disbelief, people fainting. Aaah, the magic of the crackling nail polish! And ideally there would also be some light effects, like fireworks or lightning, colour coordinated with my dress or shoes or hair, of course, or everything.

Unfortunately, I know I’m not getting any crackling. At best I get crackle nail polish so I won’t have to do my nails for a while after doing the dishes I can just play it cool even though I miss have of my nail polish. And for the crackling sound I’ll have to work on it myself.

October 5, 2011

At the End of the Universe

What does Salvador Dali have in common with Douglas Adams and a black cat with a white spot on the tip of his tail?

There is a Salvador Dali Corner in Belgrade. I’d say it’s a prime real estate spot. Dali’s corner - my home, first neighbour – Amélie Poulain, air conditioning – blue propeller.

And the pet? What should you do if a black cat with a white tip of the tail crosses your path? Adopt it. It should be the opposite of bad luck, right? And I should know about black cats. Though it might work the opposite way for me since I raised one black cat, and passed two exams thanks to black cat magic. But as far as I’m concerned only cat physics applies to Dali’s corner.

In the end, prime spot on the book shelf - five separate books of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy* from 1980. So far I only have one of those 5, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Long time ago I found all five but didn’t have the money to buy them. I wasn’t even aware they used to be published separately and I felt so bad that I couldn’t buy them. Last year I found this one part at the Belgrade Book Fair** and that was the start of a mission – I shall have them all, sooner or later, and only then will my mansion at the Dali’s corner become a perfect home.

*I consider this book best book in the world and it will get a separate post
**Belgrade Book Fair happens once a year and it’s even more important than my birthday, it also gets a separate post