October 14, 2011

Wardrobe I


In the very first outfit post I present you a clashing snake and paisley whose conflict is prevented thanks to military green working as peace corps. The jacket was mentioned here, the dress mentioned here and boots mentioned also here

This dress was a very cheap flea market buy but stayed in the closet forever due to weird length issues. This asymmetric cut was a breakthrough and as it's been popping out more and more frequently everywhere so I guess comes spring we’ll all be mermaids. It's the easiest DIY there can be plus you get the great effect from it since the longer part of the skirt flies when you walk even without the wind, just cue music in your head..

Oh, and for the nails must-see-this. Just be careful it's addictive, I spent the whole afternoon sniffing nail polish and the colours almost started mixing on their own...


  1. svidja mi se ova rok-vintage kombinacija,prsten je sjajan ;)

  2. Prekrasna ti je haljina, još u kombinaciji sa jaknicom... divota :)