October 5, 2011

At the End of the Universe

What does Salvador Dali have in common with Douglas Adams and a black cat with a white spot on the tip of his tail?

There is a Salvador Dali Corner in Belgrade. I’d say it’s a prime real estate spot. Dali’s corner - my home, first neighbour – Amélie Poulain, air conditioning – blue propeller.

And the pet? What should you do if a black cat with a white tip of the tail crosses your path? Adopt it. It should be the opposite of bad luck, right? And I should know about black cats. Though it might work the opposite way for me since I raised one black cat, and passed two exams thanks to black cat magic. But as far as I’m concerned only cat physics applies to Dali’s corner.

In the end, prime spot on the book shelf - five separate books of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy* from 1980. So far I only have one of those 5, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Long time ago I found all five but didn’t have the money to buy them. I wasn’t even aware they used to be published separately and I felt so bad that I couldn’t buy them. Last year I found this one part at the Belgrade Book Fair** and that was the start of a mission – I shall have them all, sooner or later, and only then will my mansion at the Dali’s corner become a perfect home.

*I consider this book best book in the world and it will get a separate post
**Belgrade Book Fair happens once a year and it’s even more important than my birthday, it also gets a separate post


  1. Imaš jako dobar ukus, moram priznati, Dali, Adams, Amelie...mnogo toga imamo zajedničko ;) :*

  2. odličan post, baš zanimljiv, imam naravno sve knjige Autostoperskog vodiča :D I dolazim na vaš sajam knjige, 29-tog, baš se radujem :D

  3. @cat: ne kazu dzaba da veliki umovi razmisljaju slicno ;) (i da im je skromnost jaca strana hiihi)

    @india: thanks for stopping by :)

    @emina: cekamo te :)

  4. Hahahha, skromno draga, nema šta, ako ako :))