October 7, 2011


As I was walking down the street last week in a window of a small beauty store I saw a sign ’Crackling Nail Polish’. What a marketing genius I thought!

Imagine the machinery working in my head at that moment. All the little hamsters running and the following question forming: how could I benefit from a bottle of crackling nail polish? What else could I have imagined than myself in a long magical dress, my hair redder than ever, walking down the street followed by the crackling sound. People around are struck with disbelief. Where does that sound come from, her nails!?
Crackling sound, sighs of disbelief, people fainting. Aaah, the magic of the crackling nail polish! And ideally there would also be some light effects, like fireworks or lightning, colour coordinated with my dress or shoes or hair, of course, or everything.

Unfortunately, I know I’m not getting any crackling. At best I get crackle nail polish so I won’t have to do my nails for a while after doing the dishes I can just play it cool even though I miss have of my nail polish. And for the crackling sound I’ll have to work on it myself.


  1. yeah, sometimes but not too often :D

  2. oooh I likeeee! I have been in search for some crackle nail polish but we don't have them out here yet. Oh and I have been wanting to try out Revlon's scented nail polish too