October 26, 2011

Tango with the Wolves

Her name is Tamara Đurić. She loves soccer (because of her dad) and she plays basketball with her friends in their street. She always has an apple in her bag. When she was a kid she handstiched a needlepoint smurfette and had it framed. She was a jazz ballet dancer. She had all the hairstyles and hair colours you can imagine (she still asks me to braid her hair). She likes to saw (because of her mom, they always fight about the way things are done, Tamara is stubborn). She rides a bike, can’t drive. She adores 2 cities and a village. She still hangs out with her childhood gang all the time. In high school she used to draw on desks and the cleaning ladies almost never removed her drawings. And the kids from the other classes left her messages asking for a drawing and she did them. Her friends have her works framed because she gave them for birthdays or holidays or because they begged her to death for one (I got one for birthday). She graduated last week, she is a biologist now. It was her birthday on Monday and this Saturday she has her first exhibition. Speaking about the good month.
If you happen to be in Novi Sad, Serbia on Saturday you can see her imagination live in caffe Frida (Ise Bajica 8, Novi Sad). I’ll be there.


  1. divni radovi! da sam tu, rado bi svratila na izložbu!

  2. These pictures are very very beautiful! Somebody has got the talent!))