October 20, 2011

Autumn Blues

My sister bought this sweater for me. She thought it was ridiculous and I would love it. She even called me on the phone and said she had bought something awful for me. Yeah, she knows me well. I have a lot of clothes that people I love hate but we make it work.
It has little pom poms people, pom pom shoulder party!
And I am wearing it with an old boyfriend's t-shirt, a navy maxi skirt and blue suede ankle boots, it has to work. And I predict family intervention after this outfit...


  1. OMG---that is the BESSST sweater! I would wear it in a second. I love the colors, the texture and it's sooo cool! And those blue heels are fantastic!
    Love those blue suede shoes...isn't that an Elvis song?!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  2. wwoow dzempercic je sjajan ima super detalje a cizmice se odlicno uklapaju inace jako volim plavu boju :)

  3. Yes, it's Elvis, but that was a different pair of shoes :D

    Hvala, Ilda:)

  4. great shoes!