October 11, 2011

Not a Monday

This week I decided to skip the Monday. Not that I didn’t work, I worked. Just left it alone, without the usual I hate Monday stuff. My Monday afternoon became an extension of the weekend. I sat down with a cup of tea (or coffee, optional), a blanket and a few of my favourite online magazines.

And don’t get me wrong I am the one for books in my hands and on my shelves but I am never the one for extreme opinions and attitudes. These are magazines made by such great creative people and when I read them I feel that I’d have so much to talk about with those lovely guys (ladies). And the plus is that even though I live far away from where they’re made, I can read them without spending a dime (which makes more money for books (or shoes)). So for a bit of fashion, books, design, music and everything else we want to know, just read on.

First, the Motif magazine because there you can read an interview with one of my favourite bloggers Kristen on femininity:

Then the one that Jana (also one of my favourite bloggers) wrote about - Rue with its one year anniversary issue:

And just one more (you don’t have to read them all today, guys)- Matchbook magazine. And I've found this one myself (proud). It has been founded by two friends last february, comes out monthly, and I've read every single one. This month they have a very special cover girl. Trust me you won’t regret it:



  1. On my way to check them out ;) I like your blog.

  2. i need to try that attitude next monday and see if it starts my week out any better!

  3. nice blog !! I follow you!!
    look my sketches if you want!! Nick from Italy


  4. Don't you love how there are some places online that really create conversations with people? I've met a ton of amazing/cool/creative people through blogs and magazines -- everyone lives apart, but it's still like getting to know someone just as if you'd met them in person.

    I've also not heard of Matchbook before, so I'm off to check it out now!

  5. That's the best part of blogging I've experienced so far, mini conversations with different people. I'm in contact with so many people talented and creative and of similar tastes and interests, too. People who live on a different continent but I feel like we could easily go out for a coffee and talk for hours. Even here in Serbia (and the Balkans) i found so many great people and I wasn't even aware there were so many great blogs in these small countries of ours:)
    (So, if you ever happen to travel to Belgrade or Serbia, I'd be happy to meet you :))