April 10, 2013

Black and White and Hat

Here's the proof of my recent inspiration wave, my skills and my horrific impatience.

So, I found the yarn of perfect colours and lightness, inspiration is hard at work for days, my black and white phase is going strong for a while, which leads to to me making this perfectly soft and light knitted hat for (at last) spring time (in reality, it's a I-really-should-have-washed-my-hair-yesterday hat).

But I would not be me, myself, or I, if I could try out new thing slowly, carefully, with patience and a plan. No, no, I simply need it right now, 'cause it's good. So, it turned out a bit big and I'm simply going make it again (and impatience is one of my good sides, actually). So, if someone learned a lesson from this post, good for me, that means I will one day, too. :)



  1. lol, is it still cold enough there to wear hats. aside from that, I did get a lesson out of your tale. not sure if it's applicable for you, tho. xxx

  2. the weather here is pretty bipolar at the moment, but, thankfully, the depression part seems over.

    a lesson is a lesson, you can keep it :D

  3. So cool! I used to knit quite a bit myself, but my hats always turned out kind of twisted. I never had the patience to fix them though or redo a finished one, I would just wear them that way! Recently I made a simple braided cowl:


    and it turned out pretty well I think. I had missed knitting and didn't even know it. Sometimes it feels so good to just sit down and make something.