April 7, 2013

Self Defence

* Are you surprised that it starts with rain? Does anyone else feel that the world is coming to an end but instead of big bang we are quietly going to fade away without a ray of sun...? 

* Occasionally I stumble upon a blog that I cannot leave until I read through the whole archive. It happened twice recently: so, Wiksten made me want to knit, knit and knit some more, then swoon for some spring clothes, then pine after some beautiful jewellery; then I found SillyWorld and I wanted to go to Novi Sad wear clothes and shoes not made of rubber and take some pictures.

* I love watching and reading interviews, # voyeur_at_heart. I love walking around and peeking at peoples windows especially if there's a beautiful light fixture, wall colour or music involved. I love interviews to see if I can see a real person behind the answers and I always have a few more questions I would add.



  1. I love wiksten's oldest archives (2008 and 2009) - so inspiring.

    1. i think i went through them all in one weekend:)

  2. oh, the wiksten blog is fabulous. thanks for the introduction :)