November 27, 2013

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies

It's snowing outside and inside I'm a hostage. No, not because of the snow, I'm the hostage of the Game of Thrones. Yes, it's so in the spirit of the book. What happened was that I tried to make a longer pause because I only have one more book to read. And then I got obsessed I couldn't stop thinking of it and finally succumbed and asked for the last one.

Well, I still had to wait for it and so I finished In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, which was my fellow hostage. I started reading it last time I tried to make a pause between two parts of GoT and last time I showed I had no willpower. It was only fair to finish it now, although I like to read seasonally, you know Africa in the summer and Winterfell in the winter.

Who else reads multiple books at the same time?



  1. oh, I also always read a lot of stuff at the same time. and like you, it kind of has to fit the season. I actually might re-read GoT when I'm back in Europe for the winter :) xoxo

    1. winter is surely waiting for you here :)