May 4, 2012

Jeggings O.O

My dear bloggy frieds, I have a confession. I am one of those people who will agree with the claim that leggings are NOT pants (or trousers, whichever you prefer). Not that I don't like them, not that I don't have them, but they are simply not pants!

I have another confession. Few weeks ago dear Misty said she never wore skinny jeans. I said 'you go girl!' but than I realized that I only wore skinny jeans. They just occupied my closet. And where we live it's really hard to find other types of jeans at affordable price if their not on trend right now. And I've actually grown to really love my skinny jeans, usually with wider tops, blouses, shirts... insert what you like, as my figure is not too skinny jeans friendly. And if the weather is nice I like to french cuff them and show off the shoes, strappy sandals... insert other. And I like how they are easily tucked into boots for winter show off.

Now (or very few years ago) some wise (very strange) people invented something amazing (really weird). A leggings+skinny jeans combo or jeggings. At first I thought how scary, but then I tried them on. Army green, stretchy material, with the elastic waistband. Yes, no zipper, no buttons, elastic waistband. Now I've had them for two years already. They show off my boots when it's cold, and the ballet flats with ze french cuffs if it's hot.
And now thank you for making it through to the end. Sorry for the long story and know that I have so much more to tell you. For example, about this hat and how I had my haircut. But you'll have to wait a bit for those...



  1. Ove tvoje su baš slatke i sviđa mi se kak nosiš širu majicu/bluzu gore. Inače te jeggings su mi grozne, posebno kad cure obuku kratku usku majicu na to - tipa, moja kolegica, koja je superzgodna inače, kad to obuče izgleda grozno X_x I to sam joj rekla al ne da se :D

    I to još kad je onaj grozni sjajni materijal

    ( )

    Uf X_x
    A skinny jeans ću morat i ja jedne nabaviti da budem IN i cool xD hehe

  2. Wooow you look amazing <3

    Wanna follow each other? Regards!

  3. Zanimljivi uglovi slikanja. Svidja mi se