March 21, 2014

A Pinteresting Thing

Remember how we used to keep 'inspirational' folders on our hard drives (not so) long time ago. So many gigabytes cluttered with pictures of cats, shoes, outfits, tropical islands, or perfect kitchens. So many times did I hit save as, save as, save as... What happened with those pictures I mostly have no idea. I know that once I bought the shoes that looked just like the ones from the folder Shoes, except they were blue, and I felt like meeting a celebrity from the picture.

And also once I made an album on Facebook titled My Imagined Life, in which I combined perfect outfits, homes, kitchens, a small tropical island, Mini Cooper, all uploaded directly from my hard drive. In this album I claimed I'd get married three times: first husband prince Harry, for the crown jewels, of course; the second, Jamie Oliver, because he's cute and because cooking, people; and the third, Ewan McGregor because Arrrgh! And all the while I'd keep my boyfriend as a lover, because I adore him. Yeah, that's not public any more...

Any way, that was then, and now we have Pinterest. No more cluttered gigabytes (although, ironically, hard drives are bigger than ever). And I dedicate hours to Pinterest and all guilt free. It's a place where my desires live. It's cats, books, and wardrobes, all in one place. And I love when days go by and I have no time to even peek there, and then I finally show up with a cup of hot beverage and I scroll away.

Although at times it does get a bit frustrating, don't you think? All those someone has and I have a picture of it. Really? No, no! It's suppose to be inspiring. So, I decide I should get inspired, make something out of all my perfect boards, have something Pinteresting.

So it happened that I had this necklace pinned on my jewels board, and I had this chain thingy from this post, in my (not-really-working) jewelry box, that never really claimed it was a necklace.

In fact I think it started the career as a belt on a purple leopard print skimpy dress under a tent on an annual village fair somewhere in the East of Serbia back in the 90s (meaning this: nsfw). But you know, I could see the potential finally, thanks to the Pinterest. So I grabbed the pliers and removed the bigger rings and left only those with more geometric-Pinterest qualityI think it totally worked. And my necklace, I swear, it totally forgot it's previous career as a belt, and works full time for me now, as a necklace.



  1. I still save stuff to my hard-drive. and I still look at it. it feels more personal somehow. I use Pinterest. a lot. but I rarely ever go back to look at my own pins. it's always more, more, more. so not sure about it...

    I love your idea with the three weddings, by the way. I wonder who my three picks would be... gotta think about that :)

    1. I wonder who'd you pick too? tell me :)
      I really found Pinterest useful and I'm surprisingly organized (otherwise I'm surprisingly disorganized) there and regularly check it and go back to my boards for inspiration.