May 22, 2013

Shoes Excuse

This is my walking gear for this month and this picture got me thinking how all of these shoes were bought under some kind of excuse. You know, after I decided no more impulsive purchases, no sales, only following THE list, what I need and if it's good quality and comfortable, if I need it, and only if I carefully thought about it first and have enough money. Completely reasonable, right? Of course. But sometimes it's just... how can I be reasonable when it comes to shoes (::eye twitching, arm shaking::).

For example, this first pair, the blue ones, I bought them right in the middle of the winter when there was no chance of wearing them for at least three more months. But why, you ask? Well, see this picture, it'd been in my computer for a couple of years before finding them filed under perfection, see what I mean, get it? How could I pass? I started wearing them as soon I saw the first swallow unpacking her things in spring and didn't stop until it flew away again. And these shoes are delicate, I have to vacuum the dust off them and avoid any kind of uncharted terrain. 2 years I had them are visible on their face but still, just look at them!

The second pair I've had for just 2 weeks. I had these ballet flats that left this world last year. After several beautiful years we had together, after last summer vacation there was simply no saving them. And how can a woman exist without ballet flats, I ask you? I couldn't gather the strength to look for the replacement, the wound was still fresh... And one they browsing the man section at Office Shoes, not for myself obviously, I decided to cross the border to lady's section as I saw these little things. They were on sale, to be honest, but I figured they could be good friends for the next few years. They feel like wearing socks except that they have this elastic band in the back that's a bit too strong so after a while it feels like my foot is about to fold in half, but I suppose it will loosen up eventually... hopefully... well, one of us will crack anyway...    

As for the third pair, I already told you about them around the time they were bought so I'll just qoute, it happened like this:
''Friday was not nice to me although I did get this pretty bracelet, a gift from a very special little girl. It continued with an impulsive purchase of the shoes although I really needed them (when I say really I mean really really, not justifying really). However it was hard to say that to bf as he knew how Friday was not nice at all to me, imagine how that sounded- Hi, I had a **** day and I bought shoes, HA. Does anyone else do that?'' Enough said.

Well, the fourth ones were actually planned and the situation got out of control just a little bit... I was on my way to buy the sandals, blue sandals, with a big flower. I saw them before, actually needed them, prepared the money and while in the store trying them on, I suddenly saw this silver pair, just for a moment my I caught a glimpse of the silver on the shelf. And then I remembered my sister probably needed a pair of sandals, too. Yes, you got it, I bought both pairs, kept the silver ones and the sister got the blue ones... she did, really.

So, does this happen to anyone else? Do you even do excuses? What's the best excuse for impulsively buying shoes? Wait, no, no, please, don't tell me...


  1. I'm the same way ... I make lists of shoes I need, and have saved searches on ebay. The shoes don't always come into fruition at the perfect time, though (ie, Frye engineer boots, my size, $100 listed this week - just in time for ... summer.)

  2. ha, I'm totally NOT into shoes. but otherwise I know what you're talking about... for me, it's jackets... :)