May 19, 2013

On The Other Side Of The World And Everywhere Else

* Speaking of Istanbul and travel this is actually my preferred destination:

So dreaming and looking at a few city guides, just to be prepared...

* And you know how Paris gets boring after about thousand pictures of the Eiffel Tower and two thousand pictures of Louvre even though you might have never even visited it? I never did and I start rolling my eyes seeing the poor unsuspecting Eiffel Tower and think I don't even want to see you any more. Well, Petra went there a few times and she's got another angle to show us and make us want wish for Paris again. And also find some great posts on her blog both with great words and wordless.
  It's Sunday, why are you still reading this, go out 

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  1. oh, thanks for the shout-out. how sweet :) xxxx