May 26, 2013

Mickey and Times Square

Not that much time this week for treasure hunting on the world wide web but I still managed to find a few thing worth checking out.

* Like the cute new Mickey Mouse created by the makers of Dexter and DeeDee and Sponge Bob with whom you must be familiar if you are 20 or 30 something and you regularly watch cartoon channels on TV.

* And a blog written by a lady that does it all from the Vogue to the flea market. For example taking Liu Wen to the world biggest flea market, then dressing her up in vintage and taking some great pictures. Or taking outfit pictures on Times Square with Elmo, even though as a New Yorker you are bound to hate Times Square. And the rest see for yourself, there's a lot of material, for looking and reading.



  1. oh, I love tales of endearment. makes me a bit jealous at times. what. a. life.

    happy monday xxx

    1. it was always on my radar but for a while she was overexposed on blogs and i resisted her, but when i finally got to reading the blog it blew me away :)