May 15, 2013


Today is for a bit different outfit post, and if I may say I never looked thinner than in this picture:) So, here's the equation and below are all the elements.

Blouse - This is an Orsay blouse, found on a half-a-Euro pile on the local flea market by my sister. It was brand new, and of the most beautiful soft cotton. It quickly got a life cycle of wearing-washing-wearing. Then after people started having collective deja vues when they saw me and I discovered a square millimeter of pilling on it, I realized it was time to give it a break, so now I wear it rationally...

Necklace - I love jewelry made of mother-of-pearl. This necklace was Tamara's and she bought it for the most peculiar reason -  it reminded her of abs and she needed fitness inspiration. My eyes went all Manga when I saw it on her and she said there were more in the store and that she would buy me one the next day. But after a few grapefruit beers and my eyes still shiny with admiration she caved and took it off saying it was probably meant for me because she didn't really like it that much, it was just the abs thing. But she also threatened me that in a month I must show off my abs if I meant to keep it. Well, in a month I gave her my polka dot earrings because they were meant for her in the first place and I never wore them, not because I didn't have any abs to show off.

Trousers - Tamara and I again in a story together and the story set in the Chinese shopping centre in Belgrade. What else would the two of us notice on the whole floor but a store with the these trousers in at least a dozen different prints. Soft and light to the touch and with a price worthy of fainting, just under 4 Euro. We did our best not to faint and Tamara bought a floral pair and I bought these in a PJ worthy print. And a week later I was forced to go back for more, for apparently these appeal to all generations and types of women, from a pregnant friend, to most of other friends, to Tamara's aunt and grandma, and also my sister. And again I took a pair for my self (I can only say that it's definitely Hammer Time again, don't ask), and T is coming back for a polka dot pair.

The purse is a very special piece that used to be my boyfriend's mother. His dad bought it as a surprise gift  for her when he went to Novi Sad and I suppose it was a means of winning her heart a little bit more. And I'm honored and humbled that it's mine now.

The book (Dirk Gently's  Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams) - Just read it for the second time and while the first time was a complete blur to me even besides my utmost respect for the holly words DON'T PANIC! and a belief that everyone should have a towel with them at any time*. Only after watching 4 seasons of Doctor Who did I realize the genius of this book, the potential of it being a perfect episode of DW and a wonderful whovian twist in the end.

The ring - Greece, summer 2012.

Sunglasses -  Same day, same Tamara, same Chinese shopping centre as before. I looked for a pair like this for a while and I finally found it that they and they were too cheap for my own good or for anybody else's good, for that matter, but to pretty to pass.

Nail polish - Again the same setting as before. This nail polish has practically industrial strength. Not only does it stand the test of time but also the test of dish washing, I tell it barely chips. Although it has a tendency to stain the nails so you need the base coat, but as for me, give me more colours, thank you!

Shoes - I could go without them but if you want to know - these.


* If you think I'm crazy for saying this, know that I'm not the only one and that you can join in the crazy, just read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams ;)


  1. I don't think I'm getting this. were is the skinny picture of you??? love you outfit. and love love love the hitchhiker's guide :) great book xxx

    1. :D i'm spiritually in this picture and that's the skinniest i ever looked. i suppose i didn't get over the language barrier this time ^.^
      if you love the book your ready for doctor who then ;)

  2. Those sunglasses and pants are to die for!