May 17, 2013

Cats of Istanbul

No, I was not in Istanbul and right until yesterday I wouldn't even add unfortunately to this sentence. Istanbul wasn't high on our travel list for Europe (like, for example, Lisbon) simply because it's to close to where we live, where we grew up, to our history, too similar to everything we know. Until yesterday, as I said, when a friend came back full of impressions (gifts) and stories of cats that rule every corner of Istanbul      and all the people living it, coming, leaving, staying or just visiting. So due to extreme potential of random cat spotting, petting and picture taking, Istanbul just jumped very high up on our European travel list. Now, you have the permission to imagine me chasing this yellow guy around the harem quarters and not even caring for the Sultan, 3, 2, 1, go...


  1. oh, I love Istanbul. would love to go back. I don't remember seeing many cats there when I went... strange...

  2. ahhh must put Istanbul on my travel itinerary, I love cat friendly places :)