May 12, 2013

Wisdom, Jalouse And Being Cute On The Beach

 Man, this weather scares me horribly. I'm still not over the traumatic winter, so I feel like fainting and staying unconscious until the temperature gets above 20 degrees again. I didn't even stored away my thermo socks and all the clothes in my closet threatens to collapse like an avalanche. I unpacked the summer contingent of clothes, but the winter contingent is still on the hangers. So, I'm efficiently utilizing closet doors, every other doors and chairs to hang stuff. I'm about to become a split personality, but at least I can go out without freezing today. I still need a mantra for this weather and it's: Greece in 3 months, Greece in 3 months, ommmm....

But let's get warmer, we are all big girls, no whining. So, you noticed my need to read lists of things to remember, know, keep in mind, when you are something something. I'm sharing another one today, not because I think you need it, but because I know I need to periodically be reminded of some of these things or else I periodically forget and get lost. Anyway it will be the last one if you hate on it with the fiery passion.

* And if it weren't for all the lists I would totally be the chick from this video and you would totally be jalouse of me. I would wake up perfect, drink coffee perfect, walk around perfect, exchange looks with a hipster, change my clothes several times a day, and my neighbour would look at me and think: F** this, I wanna be her! Totally!

* The reality looks more like this, though, but at least it's cute.



  1. lol, lovely post. made me burst out laughing. and what more do you need on a monday morning :)

    1. and you made me happy in return:)
      oh, i'm on fire lol

  2. Hahaha! That movie was magically hilarious and uncomfortably at the same time.