December 24, 2013

I love you Red

I've been thinking of buying a pair of trousers in colour, red, dark red, purple, olive, I just needed a little colour. And I developed a certain aversion to shopping malls which would be the easiest solution, and I also developed a certain aversion to opening my wallet lately.

So, the other day the sister asked if I'd go with her to a neighbourhood  second hand store that used to be right on the corner of my street and that some evil forces decided to steal from me and open it two streets away, so instead of just popping in on my way from work, I have a 10-minute detour to it. And the two of us took a detour that day and so it happened that I found the said trousers in red and also this sweater to sweeten the deal. And together they were still a little bit above half the price I would probably pay for just the trousers in one of the said shopping malls, thankyouverymuch.


1 comment:

  1. looks great. I'm still obsessed with the colour grey myself... I wonder if that ever ends. happy holidays xxx